Law, Promises & Covenants

How to post your responses to the study on the Law, the Promises and the Covenants: Have your copy of the table of statements open on your computer with your responses typed in and ready to copy.                                                                                               Click on the title “The Law, the Promises & the Covenants.”                                           Scroll down to see “Leave a reply” box at the bottom of the web page.                             Highlight only the column with the numbers and the letters showing your responses.     Copy only these two columns into the reply box and click “Post comment”  or  “Send reply.”                             See example already posted in the comment box below.



6 thoughts on “Law, Promises & Covenants

  1. Hello everyone, Ruthless here. My response is that I hope to continually be growing in knowledge and truth towards where Jehovah is leading not only me but us all. Hopefully as we grow together we will learn new things we didn’t know or were unsure of when looking at those questions; and also new perceptions about issues that were not clear on. So where will I be in a few weeks? And what’s the next step on this journey? Growing in knowledge and truth, guided along by all you others who all bring Jehovah’s leading to your input. I hope to at least move on to the next stage.

  2. Me again, Ruthless: I am greatly encouraged by this Key of Knowledge process. By all of us searching Jehovah’s word around a specific topic and then pooling those verses and learning from each other – is wonderful. How often in the past have I questioned a minister’s interpretation around a topic and been told that is what the Holy Spirit gave him; yet have found verses that contradict it or that brings another slant on the topic. By all studying a topic and bringing to the table what Jehovah shows us we can all learn and no one really dominates with their opinion that can then be challenged if needed. I realise that to be able to truly know His truth I have to be humble enough to see that I am and should always be a ‘student’ learning – that way I open myself up for growth and prevent the issue of pride and ego stopping this.

  3. I believe the Key of Knowledge can be a helpful tool but I have found that over the years that a prayer to God asking for guidance and reading my Bible trusting He will show me what I need is
    all that is necessary. If I have questions then having friendly, open discussions, without judgment are the best tool. I know that God is not leaving out people that haven’t had access to computers and the Bible is full of examples for us of people that haven’t used the Key. Also I found that as a person that took Statistics in college that several assumptions were made in the questions that add an air of uncertainty. However, I appreciate you willingness to serve and help others in their search but i believe it is not wise to compare 2 cor 10:12.

    • Thanks for honest comments. Agree, it is not wise to approve ourselves by comparing ourselves with one another. 2 Cor 10:12. Paul says we have a standard of comparison the God has given and we should test ourselves by comparing ourselves with God’s standard.

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