Can the Almighty Father rid the world of injustice, wars, fear, poverty, disease?

The Almighty Father YHWH (God) created this world. Can He rid the world of injustice, wars, fear, poverty, disease, crime, addictions, mental disorders, genetic deficiencies, pollution, natural disasters and all other causes of pain and suffering? Most say He can but very few believe He really will. It doesn’t seem possible and being raptured or dying and going to heaven is much easier to believe.

YHWH (God) requires of His people to be righteous and holy.

We know that to be righteous means to be fair, honest, kind, responsible, etc, and these qualities are necessary. But Yeshua (Jesus) said they are not enough to inherit God’s Kingdom. He explained that we need to be become model citizens of His Kingdom, taking on the right attitudes of humility, forgiveness, self-discipline, simplicity, reliability, service of others in service of YHWH. Many do understand righteousness, but we fail to appreciate what it means to be holy.  YHWH (God) made an Eternal Covenent with Abraham and His descendants to establish for himself a holy nation.  We think we follow the instructions of Yeshua (Jesus) when in reality we don’t properly understand all that YHWH (God) requires and so we miss the mark.

The common notion of a holy person is one who wears certain religious items, observes certain religious rites and rituals on special days, regularly performs personal religious prayers and duties and does not mix with other groups but lives in relative seclusion. While these special religious practices may be useful for keeping up holiness, the essential concept of holiness is not so much the religious clothing, rites, prayers and special days but the practice of living with other similar people apart from the political, economic, legal and justice systems of the rest of society.

God’s Eternal Covenent (as the foundation of holiness) establishes and organizes His specially chosen Community  – the descendants of Israel living in the world but not entangled in its godless culture or taking part in its law enforcement practices, its wars and politics, or its ruthless exploitation of resources for piling up wealth and its excessive profiteering slave labour. Holiness requires building a radically different community and culture that promotes the values, attitudes and practices of God’s Kingdom. That’s what is meant by being the light of the world. Yeshua (Jesus) warned that It’s very difficult but it’s the heart of the Good News.

Most Christians understand why YHWH (God) requires them to be righteous – if nearly everyone in the world practiced righteousness then the world would really be a much better place. But we fail to understand why YHWH (God) requires us to be separate, which means holy. That seems anti-social, fanatical, counter-productive and illogical. So we choose not to do that. We think we are quite alright the way we are and miss the mark without realizing it. Does it matter?

YHWH (God) requires His people to be holy (separate from the rest) because that is the way that He will transform this corrupt natural order and rid the world of injustice, wars, poverty, disease, pollution, crime, addictions, mental disorders, genetic deficiencies, natural disasters and all other causes of pain and suffering. This world order, the kingdoms of this civilization are Satan’s and they cannot function without the support of all the Christians and other good people. When our society and this world is chalenged and shaken by the separation of light from darkness, of the righteous from the unrighteous, the sheep from the goats, then and only then will we see a traumatic process of rebirth and be transformed from this present state into the new and perfect world that YHWH (God) planned from the beginning. “Church” means literally “called out.” Disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) are called out from the kingdoms of this world to be spiritually transformed and become holy citizens of God’s Kingdom in order for the global rebirth process to begin.

This is not my opinion, it’s what the WORD of YHWH (God) declares. Most Christians fail to understand because we have been wrongly taught and so we fail to obey and fail to inherit God’s Kingdom. We hope to be raptured and let others get on with it. So the Kingdom might not come in our lifetime but at least we will know why not. Or perhaps pray that YHWH (God) will send us prophets, as the WORD of YHWH (God) declares, to wake His people up and lead us into becoming a holy nation. There is great power in a righteous and HOLY nation.