New World Order to be in place within the next few years

It is almost certain that a New World Order, planned about 40 years ago or longer, will be in place within the next few years, five at the most.

According to experts and observers of the build-up in military equipment and deployment, the US and NATO allies are by far the most powerful military force in the world today. Consequently, the Anglo-American empire controls much of the world, mainly through covert military threats and attacks as well as by supporting revolutionary groups who act in their interests. The Anglo-American empire also exerts huge influence through international financial intrigue. However, the economic growth of China and the BRICS allies has reached a stage where these countries are about to eclipse the international financial influence of the Anglo-American empire; so the empire continues to resist and sabotage the BRICS allies and their trading partners through veiled threats and military force applied covertly most times.

This year a new era in global economic affairs is quietly unfolding – The Head of the International Monetary Fund welcomed news of an alternative financial system for international trade that dispenses with US dollars as reserve currency and pricing mechanism. China and the BRICS allies are launching the alternative system that will operate in parallel with the existing system. If the new system proves to be more equitable to participating countries and more trust-worthy than the existing system, the US currency will depreciate and US citizens will be economically disadvantaged. Awareness of this risk is not openly admitted in top US government circles but their military forces are being positioned and commanded to exert more threats and attacks against the BRICS allies. Conflict is brewing between the military might of the US/NATO allies and the growing BRICS economic power. As this process continues the risk of world war 3 is growing, mainly because US citizens will not be persuaded to give up their economic advantage over other countries. They will fight to defend the Anglo-American empire. The only way out of this potential war is for all nations to accept an internationally approved UN peace keeping force that will control all military forces of the world. In other words, the only solution is a New World Order.

A New World Order means the role of the different national military forces will change. The plan is that all the nations of the world should become brothers in arms. Instead of protecting their own territories, trade routes and allies from foreign attacks or interference they will be policing and controlling rebellious groups in their own territories or bringing any countries under control that are not towing the line. To help bring peace on earth it will also be necessary that all the religions of the world should become tolerant brothers in some kind of World Council of Cooperating Religious Faiths. Many religious leaders have been part of international movements to get this idea going, but it’s not progressing as fast as the planners of the New World Order hoped. That’s not at all surprising – On the one hand, some agents of the New World Order are fanning the flames of religious intolerance, suspicion and conflict in countries not willing to come in line with the new ideas. The strategy is to destabilize and take control of these countries; and on the other hand, another team of agents are trying to harmonize the different religions of the world. So these contradictory hidden agendas are struggling to succeed. The proponents of the New World Order have been at it for 40 years or more and they are patient.

As already mentioned, a major obstacle to the New World Order is opposition by wealthy US citizens and millionaires who can’t be persuaded to give up their economic and military advantage over other countries. To some extent they are supported by wealthy Europeans who also enjoy privileged advantages as member states in the US/NATO alliance. Here’s where Operation JADE HELM fits into the New World Order program. Before military forces can successfully police and control rebellious groups they need to disarm them. But US citizens are the most highly armed people of the world. In fact more and more alternative media, radio talk shows and websites in the US are advocating that people arm themselves against the so-called “tyranny of the Federal Government.” So armed individuals and groups will be targeted for arrest by Operation JADE HELM if they refuse to surrender their weapons. Many independent journalists and smart Patriots have examined all the evidence being shared and accumulated through the internet about JADE HELM and it looks very much like this will be the final move after a period of failed attempts to disarm US citizens peacefully through legislation. The first phase of JADE HELM will be the arrest of journalists and talk show hosts that expose and publish secret plans and agendas of the Federal Government. After that the weapons will be confiscated. That will lead to outbreaks of protest and rebellion but by then such attempts will be easily controlled and quenched. Once the US population comes under full control by the Federal Government, the way will be prepared for the integration of all the major countries of the world into a global government. These journalists and talk show hosts have done a fine job investigating, but sadly their work will soon be coming to a sudden end.

After a short period of trouble and distress in the transition phase, the New World Order can be expected to usher in a time of peace, security and stability for most of the world. Whether that will last, or rather for how long, is a matter of speculation. History shows that every major empire without exception reaches a peak and then collapses, so the coming New World Order can be expected to collapse as well. When that happens the results will be devastating. The higher the rise to great heights of technological achievement, the greater the disaster when it collapses. The more powerful the tools the greater the damage when these fall into the wrong fallible hands – unprecedented death and destruction on a global scale, a time of trial, the coming great tribulation.

The world is soon to face a time of trial and the people who are going to suffer and die during this trial will suffer and die as a consequence of the decisions they make (or their parents make, if they are children) when others warned them about what’s coming. They choose to block their ears and look the other way. But the blame for their fate should really be given to the spirit of antichrist that deluded them into thinking that the warnings were false alarms.

Simply knowing about the coming great tribulation will not be enough to escape and survive the devastation. We have to seek out and discover God’s plans for the world and obey His instructions for escape and survival. These instructions are cryptically hidden in the books of the bible and revealed only to those with a humble, prophetic spirit, an upright heart and an open mind. “Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you, ask and it will be given.”

Some will question God’s justice in allowing people to suffer and die when the spirit of antichrist really deserves the punishment, not them. But God sends His prophets and servants to warn them and if they listen to the spirit of antichrist instead, that’s their responsibility. God does not interfere in the choices of His creatures even when He knows their choices will be fatal.

It’s true that God creates us with the power of choosing whether or not to obey Him and He respects these choices; but that doesn’t make Him responsible for our choices. In this way by leading the world into the great tribulation He selects for Himself a nation of people who will love and obey Him through their own free will. Those who love Him will make the effort to discover His plans for the world and to obey His instructions for achieving these plans. They will survive the great tribulation. Those who die but were blameless in their deeds will be resurrected to eternal life and rewarded for any good deeds. Those who survive the great tribulation will inherit God’s Kingdom on earth and also be rewarded for their good deeds with eternal life and other privileges. But the spirit of antichrist will be destroyed forever. That means there will be no chance of deceiving the world again.


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