The Little book and the Key of Knowledge – Revelations 10 and 11

Revelations chapters 10: The “little book” or “little scroll” is a new revelation that John received from Yeshua, “the Mighty Archangel,” (one of His titles, according to the prophets). Eating the “little book” represents keeping the message until the right time to deliver it. Then John was told: “You must prophesy again….” He will prophecy at the right time, not immediately. The book of Revelation cannot be the “little book” because the book of Revelation was written and delivered to the church and we have been reading the book of Revelation for 2000 years. The “little book” was eaten, not written nor passed on. The book of Daniel cannot be the “little book” because the book of Daniel was sealed and said to remain sealed until the end times, but the open “little book” was given to John before the end times and was already open when it was given to John. Daniel sealed the book he wrote. John was told not to seal the visions he wrote. – Revelation 22:10. Peter was told he would be given the Keys of the Kingdom so that whatever he unsealed is what was being unsealed in heaven. This shows that it’s not necessary that the Lamb should unseal every scroll, only the seven scrolls that no one else could unseal. The implication is that the open “little book” given to John was not cryptic (like Daniel) but easy for John to understand. But it was only for him to understand and no one else at that stage.

Yeshua would not give John a prophecy that he was to eat (not reveal) if that had already been given to Daniel who was told to seal (not reveal) the meaning. So the “little book” is neither the book of Daniel nor the book of Revelation, but a new revelation that John received. John did not read the “little book” but ate it immediately. Now it begs the question – what was that new revelation? Did John ever write it down for others to read? No, it was already in a written form and he ate the “little book.” That doesn’t mean the new revelation is lost forever because John was told: “You must prophesy again.” The book of Revelation was John’s first prophetic book and he was told: “You must prophesy again.” Some scholars suggest that the book of Revelation was revealed in two stages and then combined into one book. They say the “little book” is incorporated in such a manner that it’s difficult to tell which chapters or verses are in fact the “little book.”

However, in reading through the book of Revelation we see that the sections are all consistent logical units and John explains how each section was revealed; mostly he saw all these things in his vision. He tells us in his record how each section was delivered to him. So there’s no need to guess at a possible insertion of extra material without John mentioning the source of the material. No, the insertion hypothesis is contradicted by the evidence. If John had been given a secret message within a broader visionary revelation, he would not disobey when told not to write and to eat rather than to read. He would not add the secret message into his written “open book.”

God gave the revelation to Yeshua (Jesus, his messenger) who made it known to his servant John, to show his servants (who now read the book of Revelation) what must soon take place. John must show God’s (or Yeshua’s) servants. So how can John show his servants if he eats the “little book?” That doesn’t make sense. John was also instructed to go and measure the temple and the worshippers, which could not have taken place in history. John remained on the Island of Patmos where he received his visions and never returned to Jerusalem. We know in hindsight that “what must soon take place” (Revelations 1:19) didn’t happen for those first century believers. We realize that “what must soon take place” will happen for the last century believers.

Here’s the key, in the first chapter:- “I, John, who also am your brother…… was in the isle that is called Patmos…..I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”

Many scholars say “on the Lord’s Day” means on the first day of the week; however in John’s day this tradition of calling the first day of the week “the Lord’s Day” only arose a century or more later. When John wrote: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” He meant that in his visions he was watching events taking place in the last days of the last century. “In the spirit” means that he was somehow spiritually transported into the last days. He had witnessed judgments (terrible events) taking place on earth in the last days as a team of seven messengers were blowing trumpets. The Mighty Archangel doesn’t blow a trumpet but gives John the “little book” and certain instructions when he appears. This is significant. John simply witnessed judgments after the other six messengers blew trumpets, but then the Archangel gave him tasks to do. So we ask ourselves – what’s going on? This is the first and only time John finds himself in a period of interactions with the messengers when he is given instructions for tasks he is required to do “in the last days.” He doesn’t record what’s happening at this point in the vision. Instead, he is the action in the vision.

Recall that the book of Revelation is to show God’s servants what must soon take place. In general the visions he recorded do certainly show God’s servants. But the instructions John received “Don’t write,” “Eat” and “Measure” don’t seem to be relevant to show God’s servants. These visions reveal “the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter,” Revelation 1:19.  By the time the sixth messenger sounds the trumpet that would be at the end of the age and John would be dead by then. But if these events predicted in the book of Revelation are in the future (in our modern day) when John would be long dead and gone, so we need to ask – is it possible that John would be resurrected in order to receive the instructions? Some scholars believe that to be the explanation for this quandary. Or others say John would not die but remain alive until the last days. But there’s a better explanation: It’s clear that the beast with seven heads, the beast (false prophet) with two horns, the woman with a crown of 12 stars, and Babylon the Great are actually empires and organized groups of people, not individuals although the organizations or groups might have a single leader. Similarly the two witnesses represent a group of prophetic people who operate in pairs the way the Apostles operated in pairs. Yeshua (Jesus) always sent his messengers and Apostles out in pairs. There’s no reason for him to change that principle. In fact Yeshua (Jesus) said he would send his messengers in the last days “to separate the wicked from among the just.” Matthew 13:41 and 49. He never indicated that Elijah would be present in person in the last days. But he did indeed say (after John the Baptizer had been killed) that “Elijah truly comes, and shall restore all things.” Matthew 17:11. Therefore it is most likely that in the book of Revelation, John himself becomes a symbolic actor who represents a particular group who would operate not specifically as prophets, but as visionary people (the ones who measure) and the first to recognize Yeshua’s two witnesses – the prophetic group who operate in the spirit of Elijah “to restore all things.”

The first group will operate like the lesser known visionary people in first century Judeah – Anna, Simeon, Zechariah and the Magi from the east. Their lesser role was to recognize John the Baptizer and Yeshua at their birth and point them out as God’s chosen messengers.

John does the measuring that precedes the commission of Yeshua’s two witnesses. In line with this explanation of the actors and symbols in chapters 10 and 11, we understand that the ones who measure will also prophecy. That’s in a general sense, because to announce the coming Judgment and Kingdom is a prophetic action.   “The testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10. Or better translated: “The spirit of prophecy is the witness to Yeshua.” He instructed his disciple: “You shall be witnesses to me.” Acts 1:8. And God “gave some to be prophets.” Ephesians 4:11.

In prophetic symbols, measuring with a staff like a rod refers to a prophetic task, a test to see if everything is correct and in line with the plans and designs of YHWH [God]. Measuring must precede Yeshua’s two witnesses. But John only receives the implement and instructions for measuring after six messengers have blown their trumpets. That’s puzzling because Yeshua’s two witnesses require 1260 days for their task, whereas the sixth trumpet seems too late in the program of end time events. One way of understanding this anomaly is to see John’s interaction with the Mighty Messenger (the Archangel) from Chapter 10 to chapter 11:14 as an interlude, another self-contained unit or section rather than part of the seven angel trumpet sequence. In fact John’s interaction [Chapter 10 to chapter 11:14] appears as a “little book” within the framework of his broader visionary revelation. It seems to be inserted in the wrong part of the time sequence – too close to the end – and it’s perhaps this anomaly that gave rise to the suggestion that the “little book” John received was inserted (without mentioning that) by his editors within his visionary revelation. But as already mentioned, John would not reveal (write down) the content of the “little book” if instructed to eat it, meaning to keep it secret until the last days. The seven seals of Revelations are series of events that enable followers of Yeshua to understand the signs of the times. The seven trumpets of Revelations are series of events that enable servants of Yeshua to predict and announce events that take place in the last days. In chapter 12:4 Daniel was told “seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.” The Hebrew says literally “to the end of time” or alternatively translated “to the end of the age.” So the seven seals of Revelations describe the unsealing of Daniel’s visions, exactly as Revelations 10:7 describes.

The seven trumpets of Revelations announce the end of the age.” The fact that the “little book” or “little scroll” is described between the sixth and seventh trumpets does NOT imply that this unusual revelation takes place right near the end of the age. Yeshua, the Archangel who gave John the scroll was not the seventh angel. At this time John was told: “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.” It makes no sense for John to prophecy when everything was almost over. Our explanation comes from the realization that the “little book” and the “staff like a rod” are part of three interludes marked by the first, the second and the third woes.  The “little book” and the “staff like rod” take place after the first and before the second woe that are described and understood to be chronological.  So this is chronologically part of another series of events that intersect with but not chronologically part of the seven trumpets.

The “little book” is indeed a fascinating and challenging riddle and just how it’s meant to be. “None of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” Daniel 12:10.  This “little book” is a unique revelation that YHWH gives his servants (visionary people) directly through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It does not come indirectly and second hand from someone else, nor purely through studying scripture. That unique revelation or discernment is described symbolically – namely eating (not reading) the little book John was given. There’s no other way to receive the kind of prophetic insight illustrated by John in chapter 10.

These visionary people are the ones who will be first to recognize Yeshua’s two witnesses – the prophetic group who operate in the spirit of Elijah “to restore all things.” One should recall that Yeshua was hidden among the people until He first began his public work in Bethany on the other side of the Jordan. John said of Yeshua: “Among you stands one you do not recognize.” John 1:26.  Even John admitted: “I would not have recognized him, except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me.” John 1:33.  So we shouldn’t assume it’s easy to recognize visionary people and prophets among us.

If we are living in the last days then such visionary people are already in the making. If they are not in the making then we are probably not living in the last days, but all the signs indicate that we are and I am convinced of that.

We are required to prophecy, exposing the agenda and program of the architects of the New World Order and announcing the Kingdom of God.  That’s in a general sense, because to announce the coming Judgment of the nations and the coming Kingdom is a prophetic action.  “The testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10. Or better translated: “The spirit of prophecy is the witness to Yeshua.” He instructed his disciple: “You shall be witnesses to me.” Acts 1:8. And God “gave some to be prophets.” Ephesians 4:11.

But we can and should also prophecy specifically, to our generation, and without speculating or guessing, announcing God’s calendar events, including the two witnesses, the escape into the wilderness, the destruction of Babylon and the rest.  We can set in motion a new spiritual awakening, in the spirit of Elijah, not seen before since the days of John.

John was told to prophesy concerning many peoples, nations, languages and kings. That would be a specific prophecy, not a general message, but specific to a particular generation, their institutions, actions and plans.

The Key of Knowledge will without a doubt reveal and confirm the visionary people illustrated in Revelations and symbolized in the person of John. That’s the purpose of the Key of Knowledge and Yeshua said to the teachers and experts in the law: “You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.” Luke 11:52.

There are hundreds of sincere, honest, devoted and passionate followers of Yeshua. Most if not all sense the apathy, heresy, self-righteousness and hypocrisy that corrupts organized Christianity. This state of the church in the last days is described as Laodicea, Babylon, Egypt and Sodom. Babylon is the capital city in the kingdom of the beast and that’s where we live – in a corrupt old church-state world order.

Christians in general are living like blind worms in compost – it’s lukewarm, lovely and tasty, so why would we even think of leaving? Some are eaten by birds. How would we convince those born blind that they are blind? Yeshua was unable to convince the people He was sent to and unable to defeat the enemies that opposed His mission. He only infuriated them so they killed him. After they killed him, they killed nearly all the Ambassadors he trained and commissioned. He warned them: “Watch out for wolves in sheepskins.” Yeshua’s Ambassadors converted a small but growing number of followers but the enemies infiltrated the movement, deceived these gullible converts and mislead them into Babylon, Egypt and Sodom and they still love being there today. If we think we can do better than Yeshua and his Ambassadors, then we’ve got another thought coming. Perhaps we could lead more people into Babylon if we trained for the task.

The church will remain in Babylon’s captivity, blind, confused and guessing about what’s happening. Let’s not fool ourselves – it’s been like this for nearly 2000 years. But when God’s chosen remnant use the Key of Knowledge, they will release a power to be reckoned with. When we use this Key and measure the worshippers we will release Yeshua’s Witnesses. They are only few but they will stop the rain falling from heaven, infuriate those who oppose them, torment them and devastate them with fire from their mouths, until the church-state world order eventually silences them by killing their bodies. If they treated our Messiah that way they will do the same to His Witnesses.

Yeshua came to call out and save the chosen nation. This is the Good News: “Repent for the Kingdom of God is near.“ Those who announce that message when the Kingdom of God is not near, become false prophets. We will only be able to announce that message when we know for sure that the Kingdom of God is indeed near. How near is near? Within 10 years, 20 years, 30 or 40 years?

Surely 20 years, 30 or 40 years is NOT near!  Remember that Paul said before the Day of Judgment comes the man of sin must first be exposed. When this deceiver is exposed in God’s sanctuary, then the Kingdom of God is near. When this deceiver is exposed in the congregation, those who worship in spirit and truth will realize the leaders in the church are insincere, misguided and confused. Then true worshippers will leave the congregations and the fake, but look-alike Apostles will be even more exposed. That’s the separation that Paul wrote about. How will those who worship in spirit and truth realize the leaders are misguided look-alike Apostles? The Key of Knowledge will expose them. Counterfeit Disciples will disparage the Key of Knowledge, resist and shirk from being measured for fear of being exposed. That’s how we tell the difference between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. We are all victims, to some degree, of the spirit of error, some more than others.

Our Messiah and His Witnesses were quite confident that their work would succeed. They confidently announced the coming Judgment and the Kingdom, but the Witnesses underestimated the power and tricks of the enemy. This is the only explanation for the fact that the Judgment and the Kingdom did not come as predicted and promised. We should not make the same mistake of underestimating the power and tricks of the enemy. If we don’t accept that explanation we make the Witnesses out to be false prophets. But NO they were not false prophets, on the contrary, we can learn from their experiences. That’s what it means to be a disciple – learning from someone more spiritually mature and experienced than we are. Our Messiah gave His Witnesses the Key of Knowledge. But before they could pass the gift on to their successors the Witnesses were killed. Therefore the small but growing number of followers were unable to expose the enemies that infiltrated their ranks and they were deceived.. “Watch out for wolves!” But we have the Key of Knowledge that can measure and expose wolves in sheepskins. Yeshua’s Witnesses were confident and announced the coming Judgment and the Kingdom before they had passed on the Key of Knowledge to their successors and so the Key went with them to the grave. We can learn from their experiences and do this differently.

How do we know if someone is genuine and spiritually mature or a wolf in a sheep-skin.? This is not an easy thing for disciples to decide, but with the right spiritual implement for the task we can succeed. The Key of Knowledge can measure them and will expose them all and all of us.

John, the Beloved Disciple, had remained at the execution of his Master and was not himself killed but exiled. He had no fear or apathy, only love and devotion. He received his special unique insights from the seven thunders, the little scroll and the Prophet’s Staff, the Key of Knowledge that Yeshua gave him. He was instructed to measure the temple and the worshippers. But he was exiled so he couldn’t do that. John was not killed by the enemy so he could pass the Key of Knowledge on to any devoted Disciple who seeks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, those who have no fear nor apathy, only love and devotion and they will not be killed. They will measure the temple on behalf of John in the last days.

Those who receive the Key of Knowledge and the Prophet’s Staff will prophesy because the Key empowers them to prophesy. They will receive the Key from those who hear the seven thunders and receive a little scroll. These are the ones who seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

How do we measure the worshippers? We should start searching far and wide, looking for worshippers who might be more sincere, honest, passionate and devoted to the Master than we are. Do you know any worshippers who fit that description? Have you tried looking? Why should we do that? Because if someone is more devoted like John, then we can learn from them, imitate their example, become more like them as they become more like the Master they worship. Do you know any living person, someone more like John? If not we need to keep looking until we find someone. “Seek and you will find.” If we don’t find any because there are none to be found anywhere on earth, then the Day of Judgment will be delayed until we find someone who fits the description.  And if we don’t easily find anyone more spiritually mature, we can still start searching far and wide, looking for worshippers who might also help with the search.

The bible explains exactly why the Day of YHWH is being delayed generation after generation. Everything we see taking place in the world and in the church today for the past 2000 years, absolutely everything has been happening exactly the way the bible explains it would and it’s so obvious once you can see it. The bible also explains that people, including the best of Christian bible teachers, will be deceiving themselves if they think they understand what’s going on in the world and the church and what to expect in our future. Even the best among the early Seventh Day Adventists, the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Herbert Armstrong and the likes, suffered from over-confidence and partial knowledge that leads to self-deception. Some mistakes were minor but critical. Without the Key of Knowledge it’s impossible to attain the fullness of knowledge and they were unable to realize their spiritual short-sightedness. The same applies to the over-confident, mistaken announcements we see being published on prophecy forums today.

This Key will allow the followers of Yeshua to see clearly with new spiritual eyes, far more than any generation before. It’s surprising but predicted in the bible that the church today rejects the very spiritual implement that will empower us to advance the Day of YHWH and announce the future in detail, with perfect knowledge and authority. The inhabitants of the earth will experience many economic disasters, wars, earthquakes, famines and plagues before the chosen nation realize that they are guessing and mostly confused about what’s happening, what will happen next and what to do. However, a remnant will eventually realize they have been suffering from self-deception and then they will accept this Key and begin to prophesy, exactly as the bible explains; but only after much suffering.

Please contact my if you believe you have a prophetic calling.

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  1. I am impressed with what is written. When one seeks for those bringing about a closing chapter of humanity ask heavenly father first, those that are hidden will be revealed.

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