America about to be ATTACKED AND DESTROYED ???

These near hysterical voices saying that the end is here and America is about to be ATTACKED AND DESTROYED by Russia or China or Barack Obama are wrong.

These voices have not considered reality and have not looked at what the prophets say. The reality is what the prophets said – the whole world is controlled by a global superpower, a wild beast that is part leopard, like ancient Greece, part bear, like ancient Persia, and part lion, like ancient Babylon, with seven heads and ten horns. The seven heads symbolize a loose confederation of several seafaring empires. The seven heads also symbolize the seven hills on which the Roman Empire was founded and built after replacing the Greek empire. This beast then gave authority to another beast that looks sweet and docile like a lamb with two horns, symbolizing two cooperating empires. He looks like a lamb, but talks like a big bad wolf or a dragon, wearing the skin and horns of a lamb.

The second beast has the authority of the first and uses all kinds of spectacular wizardry and fire-power to mesmerize and entice the whole world into admiring and serving the first beast that controlled the world during a previous era of history through openly aggressive wars, slavery, trickery and taxation. The second beast with the docile face is able to impress, trick and control like a clever dragon.

Both these beasts (one after the other, in their seasons) held sway over the whole world, still holding sway, controlling trade, money, military, religious and political institutions. No other beasts seriously rival or oppose them. But there is a big fat woman, like Europa, dressed in jewels, scarlet and purple, like the pope. She is the Great City on seven hills, the false universal religion of the hordes and masses. She uses assassination, bribery, robes, rituals and superstition to hypnotize the people under her influence and spells. She rides and tries to control the first beast, that confederation of kings and dynasties of political leaders of the world’s empires.

These two, the woman and the beast, cooperate for a season, each trying to gain the upper hand, in deceiving, organizing and controlling the people of the world. For nearly 2000 years these players have been so successful that the millions and billions of people under their influence have no idea that they have been tricked, cheated and enslaved. In fact most of the people of the world live in awe of and even worship the very ones who enslave them and control their destinies like gods and goddesses.  Some even give their lives fighting and dying for these gods and goddesses.

One day when the beast thinks he is ready to achieve his plans and purposes he will throw off the fat woman in jewels and robes. He will trample her and leave her naked. The wild, ten horned beast and the wolf wearing horns and skin of a lamb will then continue to wage war, cause poverty, fear and devastation until a rider with a multitude of supporters all on white horses appear to capture and destroy these beasts and all systems of tyranny.

Anyone who thinks that America is about to be ATTACKED AND DESTROYED any day now must think again. That’s not what the prophets say. There’s a lot more to the secret plans and agendas of these wild beasts before they are done.  And there’s only one way to escape the coming global tyranny they will cause. For more information on this matter pleass leave a comment and your email address.


3 thoughts on “America about to be ATTACKED AND DESTROYED ???

  1. So who will be attacked and destroyed and never be inhabited again like Sodom and Gomorrah ? I notice you quoted a few Revelation Verses. However what about the prophet Daniel who was also given a breakdown on this. Not to mention the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah which consist of a brief scripture or to concerning this.

  2. All the prophets mention many different nations who will eventually be attacked and conquered, including the two beasts. “But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet ….The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. Revelation 19:20. But that comes near the end .

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